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Summer'17 - Everything You Need To know


So we'll be honest, the Sumer '17 Launch event was postponed due to a bad bout of Gastro...aaaaanyway, the delay allows us to get all the info out to you before the event so you can carefully plan how you're gonna spend every last cent of that bonus loot. It also gives you the chance to check your naughty/nice list to decide whose been naughty enough to deserve a proper gift!


First off, some house keeping; We're open this week 9-5 + Saturday 10-2 as per usual, and then we shutdown over the Christmas period and re-open again on the 4th of Jan.This means that if you're in the city for a limited time or you're looking to spend that christmas bucks, this week is your best bet! If you're still around after the 4th then we got no problems!


Now for the fun part, here's whats coming from you m8s at corner store:




The OGs dropped their first ever Womxns' collection like two weeks ago and you want more? whats your buzz m8...


Anyway, dudes are working hard out here and they'll be bringing you a brand new tee, the first of the Lightphase 4.1 collection for 2017!!


W're also still celebrating the Womxns' wear collection so here's 2 pics for you, none for Regina George.






Sol-Sol Menswear


Local minimal streetwear killers Sol-Sol have put together two stunning artist collabs, one local, one international, to keep you clean through the festive season.


Sol-Sol Menswear + Bad Idea


Bad Idea AKA Forlee Bean is a Hong Kong based artist and illustrator. Coming off a recent collab with literally the best store in the world, colette Paris, Bad Idea applies his original illustration style to the classic Sol-Sol tee in both Black and White - you're not gonna wanna sleep on this!




Sol-Sol Menswear + Ben Eagle


If you don't know Ben, he's an upcoming illustrator and print maker from JHB. Over the past year or so, through a monthly print series as well as a number of collaborative projects, he has established himself as a creative force to be reckoned with.


Three white tees, each containing an original print and his rendition of the Sol-Sol logo have been developed, and they will fly! Free postcards for a lucky few too m8.




Young and Lazy




Another ridiculously strong year for the skate and streetwear brand ends off as you'd expect, with a new Summer Staples drop (see above for a taster) as well as two artist collabs.


Young and Lazy + Alexis Christodoulou


The artist lends a small collection of his digitally created dreamscapes to the brand's super clean logo, the result is breathtaking, believe me.



Young and Lazy + Francesco Nassimbeni


The artist has lent his imagination to the Young and Lazy space, creating a mural that captures both his signature style, and the brands youthful energy. The collaboration includes a number of curious ceramic must-have toys as well as a small run of collaborative tees that will be available next year.




Not Seen



The local utility giant has finally landed at corner store CPT!!


Click HERE to find out more... 




Maylee CPT



We've got some new upstairs neighbours - Maylee CPT, a new ladies wear range out of Cape Town, opens its showroom tomorrow in order to showcase its first ever collection - a blend of relaxed silhouettes and high-end materials including tensil and Cashmere, in a muted palette.




You thought there was more?


Greedy ne

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