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SA Menswear Week SS17: What to Expect From The corner store Family


So last Menswear week was amazing. We were afforded the opportunity to close down one of the floors and the response from everybody was too kind. We managed to pack out the venue, but most importantly we were able to get some of our most loyal supporters into the building - most of them are around 16-18 years old so it was really cool for us that we were able to bring some flavour to the stiff fashion party while giving these kids the opportunity to engage with the shit they love irl.


We're at it again this round and we hope to have as many of our friends in attendance!


Here's what to expect from the dudes this week:


Sol-Sol Menswear

The local menswear brand continues its pursuit of simplistic perfection with another collection filled with outerwear pieces boasting clean lines and exhibiting the brand's ever present love for Japanese workwear.


Some of the brand's favoured silhouettes reappear with the addition of illustrations that also make their way onto basic white tees, the building blocks of the minimal streetwear brand.







After coming through with a strong concept at last season's show, the OGs look to continue the momentum, this time recruiting good friend and esteemed stylist, Gabi Kannemeyer to bring their DARKPHASE 3.1 collection to life for the runway.


The collection launched earlier this month and you've probably seen the pictures by Gabi and Kyle weeks already, so if you're wondering how they plan to mix it up for the show take a look at these behind the scenes pics Gabi took when she had a few moments to play with some of the garments. If they are anything to go by, the show should shed light on new ways in which traditional streetwear can be styled, and should silence the clowns wandering whether or not 'streetwear' belongs on the runway.


The 2BOP slot will also see the brand's new designer and a designer in her own right, Ulfah davids, showcasing her first original collection or 2BOP!!




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