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HIGHSNOBIETY 14 Spring / Summer 2017

Highsnobiety Magazine issue 14 has finally landed at corner store CPT!!

The Spring / Summer issue for 2017 boasts four different covers, featuring musicians from separate corners of the universe that Highsnobiety has played such an important role in presenting to its readers.

This issue also features a group of Cape Town creatives, and their respective takes on niche culture!!!


Your really gonna sleep?


Check it:



Young M.A. is the fresh on the scene NY rapper who evokes memories of the raw, gritty style of rap once synonymous with New York Hip Hop. If you not wys, click and listen to OOOUUU now!



A certified pop star in South korea, OH HYUK, front man of indie band HYUKOH, represents a new wave of Korean musicians, able to stand up, independent, free of the shackles of the beast that is K-POP.



With more than 2 decades in the game, legendary Funk and Acid Jazz band Jamiroquai have been quoted as highly influential to the likes of Tyler the Creator, Pharell and Chance the Rapper. Returning now after a 7 year hiatus with Automonan, Highsnob chats exclusively with front man Jay Kay.



On the back of his fourth studio album I Decided., lifelong underdog Big Sean is finally coming into his own - Highsnob got the chance to chat to the Detroit native about how his "hunger steady grows"


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