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HIGHSNOB 15, HYPEBEAST 19 and THE LAKE Land at corner store CPT!!


Our bookshelf has had a young boost in the past few days with the arrival of Highsnobiety ISSUE 15 and HYPEBEAST ISSUE 19 as well as THE LAKE #0017!


More book than magazine, over the past few years, all three have come to represent scripture in the eyes of most who spend their time geeking over hype culture!


Get your reading up m8 - god knows the world needs it....




Highsnobiety Issue 15 will explore the theme of “forever young” through the lens of the new frontier vs the old guard. In a world where luxury houses are more inclusive than ever, tapping into niche culture and snapping up “influencers,” we’ll examine the ways the new generation is changing our scene, and how the old masters are staying relevant.

Highlighting today’s culture clash, we look to how top fashion designers are creating and replicating the clothing worn in the streets (and on social media), and at the same time, how the youth are taking style into their own hands, flattening and democratizing the trend spectrum. Who’s coming next to disrupt the system?









Our magazine often finds itself in constant negotiation between what is interesting now versus what will remain so for the years to come, seeking that liminal space perfectly balanced between timelessness and novelty. Sometimes, we end up in the company of esteemed fashion houses which have persevered for generations, and at other times we find ourselves speaking with bright young things with futures as uncertain as our own – yet it so happens that the time-centric Temporal Issue includes all of the above.  
Within the Temporal Issue, we delve into colorful pasts, the stories of the present and the minds busily shaping the future, in an effort to capture a snapshot of the myriad forces at work which guide and define our generation. 
The chief aim of Issue 19 is to examine the notion of impermanence, an idea especially poignant in today’s culture of hype where trends die premature deaths after the briefest of moments in the limelight. It only makes sense to cover labels and collectives as varied in age as possible, from the centuries-old, distinguished craftsmanship of Goyard to labels still gasping from the clutches of youthful angst such as Enfants Riches Déprimés and RHUDE.  
Ok, so this one has K.$ as the cover story, styled and directed by Luke, as well a story by Seraaj and Anees.
Its also free - do you really need the sales pitch??

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