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Alternative Visuals + corner store CPT

2BOP Collaboration corner store CPT Lookbook SA Menswear Week SS 16/17 Sol-Sol Menswear Summer 16/17 Winter 2015 Young and Lazy


What to say....


While dudes were holidaying, a young group of us linked to try something a little different.


The new homie Gondo AKA Alternative Visuals from JHB expressed an interest in producing something with a pop horror feel and who are we to turn down the opportunity to make some content so as to start 2017 with ammo. The dude is also obviously a really dope director and photographer as well as being an amazing dude to be around, so its was like duh, lets go. Especially after having presented a bunch of raw, urban type stuff, we jumped at the opportunity to create something a little more conceptual, a story that is a little more developed + I got a VR headset thing from Secret Santa, what the fuck else was I gonna do with it.


Super happy to be a part of bringing someone's vision to light, and with a team consisting of the dudes Seraaj, Buck, Niyaaz and myself, the entire experience was always gonna be fun!




Photography and Direction: Alternative Visuals

Styling: Seraaj Semaar and Luke Doman

Models: Niyaaz Dramat and Buck Whaley














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