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All The Looks: Young and Lazy at SAFW Spring/Summer 2017

SA Fashion Week S/S 2017 Young and Lazy

All images courtesy of Simon Deiner


We are so proud of our family Anees and Young and Lazy, congratulations on an amazing show, I mean we've always seen the homies in this light but we're really fuckin happy that more and more people are waking up to the power!


Young and Lazy presented a well rounded show that captured energy from all of the various movements the brand has made over the past while, starting with a clean look and feel and ending up with a celebration of the brands strong streetwear roots with clear pointer to a new direction.


Pure and clean are the words evoked by the show's first act, where street and workwear silhouettes are pieced together to create full white looks that represent a fresh start for the brand, while carrying through the street and workwear feel that Young and Lazy fans have come to love.







The smooth transition into the second act sees the introduction of workwear silhouettes fabricated in a tight hickory stripe as well as workwear details like carpenters pockets, the culmination of the brand's years long fascination with heritage gear.

The second act is also the first time we see the photographic prints that the brand has used so powerfully in the past, all images by Anees himself. A mainstay in the brand's portfolio and an important part of the Young and Lazy handwriting. The introduction of Arabic text together with the strong islamic imagery speaks directly to the third act.







The final act perfectly ties the masterpiece that is this collection together, but more importantly ties it to the Young and Lazy story, presenting us with a streetwear feel that encompasses so much of the brand's streetwear energy, while presenting us with a clear direction for the future.

The unmistakable feminine energy evoked through the use of Organdy, the light, crisp, semi sheer cotton, plays on another low-key mainstay in the Young and Lazy arsenal, the embrace of the feminine, the subversion of the bad boy generally associated with streetwear. 


Islamic silhouettes begin to appear and we are immediately transported into the future, a psychedelic, Islamic, Young and Lazy world in which Lungies, the traditional Malay Muslim wraps, are reappropriated for use as trousers, shorts and head wraps, traditional tops are given a Young and Lazy remix and Islamic imagery and Arabic text rule our imagination.

 The influence of Anees's recent pilgrimage to Mecca is evident both in tiniest details and the broader concept. Fans of the brand are challenged to rethink their approach to streetwear and the ways in which they draw inspiration from the world around them where cynics are forced to pay attention to the obviously gifted designer, and the world he has managed to build. 

Aye man, if this is the future of Young and Lazy, we are definitely 100% here for it m8.

 Again, Anees, congratulations, a dude has always been my hero, and its really amazing to see so many people come to acknowledge the unbelievable vision!!
















Stay tuned for info regarding availability of the pieces above!!

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  • Johan on

    Will this soon be available to buy??\

  • Faradieba Petersen on

    Wow!!!! I am blown away and so proud of my son!!!!

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