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2BOP WOMXNS COLLECTION 2.0 - Exclusive to corner store CPT


2BOP's second womxn's collection once again draws inspiration from workwear, this time going a step further, celebrating the school uniform many of us grew up with.


The OGs opted for a softer colour palette this time around, putting a spin on workwear classics with a combination of textures. The homie, Leon Coetzee also lent a hand with the original print, composed of overlays of different coloured flowers.

we launched the collection in-store with a skill sharing workshop, put together by friends Not Sorry Club Skillshare and Red Bull Studios:

Together we created a feminized learning space aiming to grow dj and production skill sets as a means to heal the gender bias within the electronic music industry.

The all encompassing line-up for the day included:

Open deck mixing and beat matching with DJ's Floyu & Lady Venom 

Performance visuals with VJ Anthea Duce

Self promo photo boothing with photographers The Seppi's 

Slaying in life and exploring true beauty with Queezy  

Laptop mixing with NoDiggity 

Sugar rushing and free unlimited Red Bull

And face stuffing with a 'young chicken wing thing' from the homies Side Wing.


All images by CAREY CHANQUIN
















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