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Condorboyz Drop 3 Young iPhone Edits in 3 Days

condorboyz Winter 2015 Young and Lazy

Image by Aidan Tobias 


The latest offerings from condorboyz have been popping up on their insta (@condorboyz) over the past couple of days and all three are now live on Youtube via Young and Lazy. Each one details a separate session , two of which took place on Sundays like exactly a year ago, and the third was like maybe three years ago even its wild.


Two of the edits were filmed and put together by Luc From Here on his iPhone and the security guard situation was captured by Angus Mackinnon


The homies Luc, Anees, Manie, Nuks, Ismaael, Dennis and myself all feature.




We used to hit this spot a lot back then. A bunch of the dudes were more hyped on transition stuff so this was a good compromise - haven't really been back since the main vert dude, Uncle Ismaeel bounced to Germany :( Come back homie!! 




 This was so strange it went down mad long ago at about 2AM on a random week night. Homeboy was watching us for a minute before he asked for a go.



Originally set to 'Hollaback Girl', this is an OG edit Luc made after a Sunday session exactly a year ago. its so corny to say good times but damn...

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